“Prematurely greying but still retaining the super model looks”

A writer director in film from Edinburgh in Scotland, I spend the majority of my spare time in the great outdoors, be that cycling through the mountains and glens of Scotland, walking the Munros or skiing down a black run.

I have been very lucky to have traveled the world extensively, but always on a shoestring budget. This has opened up incredible experiences with local people and cultures in as far flung places as Nepal, India, New Zealand, Europe and South America, to name but a few.

My passion for adventure cycling comes high on my list, and I have ridden my trusty bike along mountain tracks and long distance routes such as the Camino in Spain.

Getting organised for an adventure is never easy, and through the years I have been able to rely on my trusty friend Pauline to get the maps out and plan a route. Inevitably I always forget to pack something, and on one occasion I forgot the food!

As a film maker I have won awards for my films and have made documentaries and shorts, as well as corporate/industrial movies. I am working toward making a feature film and currently I have two original feature scripts in development.

The feature-length film of this adventure will reach festivals sometime in 2012/2013.

Click on the movie link to find out more.


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