“It’s true, I am the only one!”


As the most well travelled of everyone on this adventure, it falls to me to keep order. Pauline and Graham may well think they are in charge, but we all know where the real leadership lies.


When times are tough it’s me they turn to, or when they need that little something extra to make a photo turn out just right.

On this trip in particular of course I will come into my own. I am quite adept at dealing with misbehaving bears. When Poo starts his nonsense I just confiscate his honey.

There may be an occasion when we break down, and once again it will be Tigger to the rescue, using my bouncy trouncy tail to go and fetch help.

Just as Graham and Pauline are a team, on this trip I also have my 2nd in command, Tigger 2, who uses Pauline to get around.

Yep, without us there would be no Trans America cycle.

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